Do the white vinyl windows
and doors in your home
blend with the architectural
beauty of the color scheme . . .
or do they stand out as
something that doesn't quite fit?


According to Windows & Doors Magazine, only 2-3% of PVC/vinyl windows and doors in homes are painted today.  The primary reason is that very few contractors and painters know about the latest waterborne paint technology that is heat and light reflective - - - AND - - - works great on all your PVC/vinyl windows, doors and trim boards.



The new waterborne heat reflective coating offered by ColorCoat comes in over 80 "standard" colors and almost any additional desired colors can be matched as well.  ColorCoat's heat reflective coatings deliver a cost-effective, high quality color coating while also providing great adhesion and color retention for many years.  Our coatings have been AAMA tested and meet  all the rigid adhesion and heat gain testing required for PVC/vinyl windows and doors.

Thank you for visiting Color Coat here on the web and please check out other areas of information on this web site to find out more about the products and services that we offer.  Everything from simple color matching for the paint to meet your PVC/vinyl needs, to training contractors and painters to properly use ColorCoat paint and assistance with setting up in-house paint shops for larger window and door companies.

We look forward to working with you for all your paint needs in the near future!


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